• Per Government Code §1031.5, candidates must have applied for U.S. citizenship within three years of being appointed to a Ranger or Lifeguard position.
  • Candidates must be at least 21 years of age to be appointed as a peace officer in the State of California. There is no maximum application limit to apply however, per Government Code Section 21132, there is a mandatory retirement age of 65 years for state peace officers.
  • Candidates may be enrolled in college at the time of application but must have at least 21 units of general education credits satisfying General Education curriculum standards with courses (which may include courses in Natural Science, Social Science, Mathematics, Language, and Humanities.)  By time of appointment, a Candidate must have completed 60 Semester Units of study at a state accredited college or university. A degree in Park Administration, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Law Enforcement, or related fields is desirable.
  • Candidates who have LASIK vision correction surgery must have completed a 6-month stabilization period, and candidates who have RK or PRK vision correction surgery must have completed a 12-month stabilization period before being medically eligible for this position.
  • Out-of-State candidates must obtain a valid California Driver's License before being appointed to the academy.
  • California State Parks Ranger and Lifeguards are entrusted with responsibility to keep our Parks safe from crime and corruption. Therefore, a history of ethical and moral behavior is of the utmost importance. Your background will be looked at very closely. Candidates who have a history of unethical or immoral behavior will not be hired. You will be subjected to an intensive background evaluation, pursuant to California State Parks Background Standards